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5 Fantastic Cape Cod Lighthouse Tours

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This blog was originally published in 2015; we have since updated it to reflect the most current and accurate information possible. 

When you think of Cape Cod or New England, a few different things likely come to mind.

Seafood and crab cakes, breezy cliffs overlooking the ocean, and breathtaking lighthouses might be among the first.

Cape Cod is home to several different lighthouses that have stood the test of time and are still standing today.

These structures are as much a piece of nautical history as the boats they guided at night.

We’ve put together some tidbits of information about five fantastic Cape Code Lighthouse tours!

Nobska Lighthouse

Woods Hole, MA

The Nobska Lighthouse was originally built in 1828 and served as a beacon for ships for over 100 years years.

In April 2016, the Friends of Nobska Lighthouse was established by the Town of Falmouth and was granted a license by the Coast Guard to care for the historic lighthouse.

As a result, people can now visit the property and enjoy the history and beauty of the location.

Chatham Lighthouse

37 Main Street, Chatham, MA

This beautiful Cape Cod locale is located on the Coast Guard Station Chatham. You can take tours (weather permitting) and enjoy the views with your loved ones.

The tour, which involves climbing stairs and a ladder, does require physical exertion so it isn’t right for everyone.

Even if you aren’t able to make the trek up to the top, you can still learn about the rich history of Chatham Lighthouse at the Coast Guard Station Chatham.

Nauset Lighthouse

Ocean View Drive, Eastham, MA

Every Sunday, from May through late October, and on Wednesdays during July and August, you can tour the Nauset Lighthouse in Eastham, Massachusetts.

Take a trip up the spiral staircase while learning about the background of this historic landmark.

For instance, you may be surprised to know that this massive structure was actually rescued from a crumbling cliff in 1996 and moved 300 feet across the street. Learn about this and so much more on a tour of this classic lighthouse.

Highland Lighthouse

27 Highland Light Road, North Truro, MA

Established in 1797, the Highland Lighthouse has stood strong although erosion of the landscape around it may require it to need a rescue mission like the Nauset Lighthouse mentioned above.

There are two different tours you can take.

The first focuses on the history of the surrounding Highlands District and how it has evolved from a simple fishing community to a summer resort.

The other puts emphasis on the changing coastline due to erosion. Both are an excellent way to spend a day visiting Cape Cod’s first lighthouse.

Race Point Lighthouse

Provincetown, MA

Our last lighthouse to mention is the Race Point Lighthouse. While the tour is free, they do ask for donations to help with the upkeep of this historic structure.

After you’ve climbed up the spiral staircase, toured the lamp room, and felt the sand outside between your toes, you can actually stay in the bed and breakfast on the grounds.

The views from the lighthouse are breathtaking, and have made Race Point one of the most popular lighthouse tour for visitors to the Cape.

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