Cape Cod Wedding: Your Guide to Being the BEST Best Man

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How to Prove You’ve Earned the Prestigious Role of Best Man

When you think about planning a wedding, most of the attention is often directed towards the bride and her ladies in waiting. What is the bride going to wear? Are the bridesmaids going to match? They’ll wonder what her bachelorette party was like.

There isn’t as much thought put into the groom’s role in the wedding, much less the best man’s. It’s a great honor to be chosen as the best man, as it means you are the person the groom feels is best cut out for the job of helping him make it to the altar with his sanity intact.

If you’ve been lucky enough to be asked to be a best man, there are a few things you need to know to ensure you’re the BEST best man you can possibly be.

Planning a Bachelor Party

The bachelor party is a rite of passage for the vast majority of men that are ready to take the lifelong leap into marriage. It’s considered to be their last night as a free man and things are often a little wild and crazy. As the best man, it falls on your shoulders to plan the festivities from start to finish.

The first thing you will need to do is decide what plan of action and what activities your best friend/brother/cousin would enjoy for their bachelor party. Not all men are cut out for the usual bar hopping and strip club excursions that are commonplace when planning a stag party. For the more adventurous type, you may want to consider skydiving as a group or going deep sea fishing. There are plenty of different options available for the many different tastes and preferences of the men in the world.

Secondly, you’ll need to consider transportation for everyone. The bachelor party usually includes the groom, his groomsmen, and any male family and friends he would like to have in attendance for the celebration. Since the groom will want to have everyone together for the duration of the bachelor party, springing for chauffeured transportation is your best bet. White Tie can provide a stretch limousine that can accommodate up to 10 passengers as well as mini-coaches or mini-buses that can hold up to 37 partygoers. Another bonus of reserving a Cape Cod car service for a bachelor party is that everyone will arrive home safely once the night is over, no matter how many cocktails or beers were consumed throughout the evening.

Wedding Day Responsibilities

There is more to being a best man than planning and pulling off a successful bachelor party. Throughout the wedding planning process, you’ll need to be there for the groom to assist with any decision making questions he may have regarding his attire, seating arrangements, and generally just keeping him calm and collected until the wedding festivities are over.

As the best man, you will be in charge of one of the most important objects in the wedding: the wedding ring. While it may seem cute and funny to act like you’ve lost the ring, actually doing so could spell disaster and hurt feelings from the bride and wedding guests. Make sure you guard that ring with your life and hand it over the second the officiant directs you to give it to the groom. Other wedding day responsibilities include walking the maid of honor down the aisle, giving him a pep talk before he takes his place at the altar, signing the marriage license, and giving a toast that will bring equal parts of laughter and happy tears.

As long as you’re prepared for the task at hand, you should have no problems pulling off the biggest job your friendship will ever require. You should put the same amount of effort into the work you do as the best man that you would expect from them when your own wedding day comes along. Hopefully these tips and suggestions we’ve given you will prove your worth as the BEST best man he could have ever hoped for!

Photo Credit: Adam Woodrow

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